A poem for a man who had a hold on my hard for so many years. He never noticed me until recently, or so I thought..

I hate you.
Why couldn’t you have done this sooner?
Why couldn’t you have just said something?
Why did you have to wait?
I have all these questions and yet,
I want none of them answered.
All I want is for you to hold me
To tell me you care.
Whisper to me the sweet things you told me
Over and over again.
I felt wanted,
And that’s all I ever wanted.
The forehead kisses,
The way you gently move you hand
To draw out the shape of my face.
How you laugh and pull me back down
And smile
And tell me you just want to hold me for a bit longer.
It’s all I ever wanted,
To know you had felt the same way for all these years.
But the timing was off
I feel sick
And these are all the reason of why,
I hate you.